How To Compress Image Size Online

Learn how to Compress Image online without losing the picture quality,

  1. Press Select Files and insert JPG/PNG image here.
  2. Click the Submit button for reducing the file size.
  3. That's it. Now download it on your PC or mobile.
File Quality Is Matters

If the image quality is unclear or the quality is very poor due to reduced file size, then there is no real benefit in compressing. That's why the above tool cares about photos quality. Compressing the image using this tool will not reduce the image quality at all.

Files Safety

Your image will be used for some commercial purpose maybe. This can cause damage to your business if your image is spread on the Internet. This is the only thing that makes this Compress Image online tool provide maximum security to users' files.

Multiple Device Supported

You can now use this JPG/PNG compression tool on your Android, iOS, Tablet, Mac, or Windows PC easily. Basically, this tool can run smoothly on multiple devices since its design is responsive. This is why lots of people are using it for free.

File Format Requirements

Currently, you can compress 2 types of images using this Compress Image tool. If you have images in PNG or JPG format on your computer or mobile, only then you can reduce the size of the image. Let's look at an example, you have a picture that is 200 KB. So, in that case, you can reduce its size to 30 KB.

Don't Store Data

Your PNG or JPG image is as important to you as it is to us. As a result, any images you upload or download are not uploaded to the server of this PDFup tools website. This feature is reserved for users' privacy only.

Delete Files Automatically

Since you can reduce the file size using this Compress Image tool and we do not store any type of file, the uploaded file and the compressed file are automatically deleted from the server system at the same time. So your file is not likely to be leaked anywhere and it is not likely to be sold to any single person.