How To Compress PDF File Size Online

From below, you can learn how to Compress PDF or reduce the PDF file size.

  1. Click the Select Files button and select your desired file.
  2. Press the Submit option now.
  3. Your file has been compressed. Just download.
Very Easy

This tool is easier to use than any other tool and its interface is also great. It allows you to easily compress and download any type of PDF file. If you can't figure out exactly how to do this, follow the guide above.

Quality Is Matter

If you reduce the file size using another website's compression tool, the resolution quality of your file is likely to be much worse. But when you reduce the file size from the above Compress PDF tool, the quality of the edited file will not decrease.

Download The File

After compressing any PDF file you can easily download that file easily. You don't have to wait long because the server speed of this tool is very fast. Even since it is a free platform, you don’t have to spend any money to download it.

File Deletion

This website does not store any uploaded or downloaded files of yours. So, any of your personal information will not be leaked anywhere. At the same time, none of your files will be sold to any third-party company. So, you can trust this Compress PDF online tool.

File Size Limitation

The size of the uploaded file is limited to all types of users for the purpose of eliminating spamming. So, spammers can't spam here. Currently, the PDF file size limit is 10 MB. That means you will be able to compress a maximum of up to 10 MB of files using this tool.

100% Privacy

We provide the highest level of security to the users. So you don't have to worry about the privacy of your file. All your information and personal information will be very secure. Just use this Compress PDF tool and make your daily work much easier.