How To Merge PDF Files Online

Let's learn how to combine PDF files easily,

  1. At first, press the Select Files and then select the PDF file.
  2. Now tap the Submit option.
  3. The work of the combine has been completed.
  4. Click on the Merge PDF button and download.
Tool Is Easy

The interface of this online tool is very awesome as well as any new user can use it to combine their PDF files. But if you are confused about exactly how to use this tool on your smartphone or PC, don't worry, follow the guide from above and merge.

Download File

Since, you'll use this Merge PDF tool on your device, so you can combine multiple files at the same time. After that, you can easily download it to your device. Also, no kind of file quality will be reduced. This is why every people love to use this.

All Device Supported

From your iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, or Tablet, you can easily use this PDF combine tool completely free. Cause this site uses the most powerful responsive design which is why this site or tool will be friendly on any type of device.

Delete Files Automatically

On most converting websites, when you submit a file for a task, the website stores that file on their server, and then distribute it to the Internet. But if you use this Merge PDF tool from this site, it will automatically delete your uploaded and downloaded files.

Files Limitation

You can upload only files up to a maximum of 10 MB to merge any file. That is, if your file is more than 10 MB, you cannot merge it easily. In this case, select a PDF file less than 10 MB and combine it with the above tool for free.

100% Protection

This Merge PDF tool provides maximum protection or security for its users. That is, when you merge a file using this tool, your file will not be leaked anywhere. At the same time, none of your personal data will be sold to any third party or individual.